Expert Team

Armor CNC’s former Techno CNC Engineers are unrivaled in their ability to troubleshoot any former Techno system.


The Right Tools

We handle it all! From software to hardware, we have the right tools and knowledge to use them to get you up and running.


In Stock – Ready To Ship

We stock all Techno CNC motors. Our relationship with an established motor manufacturer makes your direct source for genuine, 100% compatible, non-refurbished replacement motors.

Armor CNC Service

Armor CNC is here to support all manner of CNC equipment aside from our own products. We specialize in Techno CNC support – nobody knows Techno CNC routers better than we do. From electrical repair to hardware, parts, software and even upgrades, we are able to fix all manner of Techno CNC problems. Armor CNC currently has stock of all necessary Techno CNC parts, and the resources to build and procure whatever is necessary. In many cases, Armor CNC has Techno CNC compatible equipment that is superior to the original Techno CNC component.

Not only do we stock the necessary Techno Motor for your machine, you can be confident that it isn’t a knockoff or refurb that will make your problems worse. We can also repair many problems with Techno motors, including replacing encoders and connectors, potentially saving you significant cost.

Did you know We don’t charge to evaluate your components?

Focus on using your Techno CNC equipment to run your business – Armor CNC will keep your Techno CNC running.

Armor CNC services all Techno CNC equipment, including:

  • Techno LC Series
  • Techno LC Plus Series
  • Techno RG Series
  • Techno LCX Series
  • Techno Pro Series
  • Techno Premium Class
  • Techno Gantry Series
  • Techno Phoenix Single Axis Controller
  • Techno Patriot
  • Techno 3024 tabletop
  • Techno Plasma Series
  • Techno Davinci
  • Isel equipment
  • Techno HD Series
  • Techno HDS Series
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