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Armor Services

In addition to Guaranteed Repair of CNC machines like the Techno CNC LC series, Techno CNC RG, Techno CNC Patriot, Techno CNC Plasma cutter and Techno CNC Premium class, Armor CNC offers a wide range of custom CNC solutions and services.

CAD/CAM Design & Services

Armor CNC is here to help you design and build your next product. From simple CAM services such as converting your 2-D or 3-D drawings to G-code to run your machine, through complete CAD design of your next product based solely off your ideas, Armor CNC’s expert engineering staff is can help at any stage of your project, from concept through fabrication.

If you’re finding CAD/CAM software too expensive, time consuming or difficult to use, Armor CNC offers toolpathing services to take your drawings and convert them to files to run your machinery.

Repairs & Service

Armor CNC is here to support all manner of CNC equipment aside from our own products. We specialize in Techno CNC support – nobody knows the Techno CNC routers from 2013 and older like we do. From electrical repair to hardware, parts, and even upgrades, we are able to fix all manner of issues with the 2013 and older Techno CNC equipment. Armor CNC currently has stock of original Techno CNC parts and guaranteed compatible Techno CNC parts, as well as the know-how and resources to repair components in most situations, saving you cost and time.

Engineering Services

From electrical and mechanical design of products through automation and integration of your factory, our expert engineering staff is available every step of the way, to take your ideas from a sketch to a shelved product, ready to ship.

Custom CNC Design & Fabrication

We specialize in design of custom CNC fabrication equipment. Implementing unique processes and programming techniques is our specialty.

Automation design, implementation, and programming

From simple PLC programming to 20+ axis system integration including sub-millisecond IO timing, Armor CNC staff is here to help with your automation project – big or small.

Expert Team

Armor CNC’s Engineers are unrivaled in their ability to troubleshoot any Techno system from 2013 and older. From repair of PCI Cards, motors and controllers, to upgrading and modernizing your system, Armor CNC is here to help, all work is Guaranteed

The Right Tools

We handle it all! From software to hardware, we have the right tools and knowledge to use them to get you up and running.

In Stock – Ready To Ship

We stock all motors for your Techno CNC machine. Our relationship with an established motor manufacturer makes us your direct source for 100% compatible, replacement motors that meet or exceed the original specifications.

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