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Vacuum Table Upgrade / Repair

Add or restore strong hold down power on your Techno CNC.


A powerful vacuum table can easily save you time and material compared to traditional mechanical hold down methods. Most Techno CNC machines can be retrofitted with a vacuum table top and the pump electronics integrate directly with your Techno Controller.

Why Trust ARMOR CNC With Your Vacuum Table Upgrade?
100% Guaranteed To Work With Your Techno

We know your Techno CNC like nobody else and have the skills to integrate a vacuum system to work seamlessly with your existing setup.

Only High Quality Trusted Parts

We only spec parts that have a proven track record of working perfectly with your Techno CNC. The end result is a vacuum table top as good as the one you would have gotten when your first got your machine.

Expert Installation or Step By Step Guidance

Our technicians have years of experience installing vacuum tables on Techno CNC machines and can makes this a painless process. If you have the knowhow and confidence to tackle this yourself we can guide you through the multi step process and even sell or rent the tools you'll need.

Contact us for more details on these systems or to discuss how to add a vacuum table to your Techno CNC.

Have a Damaged or Low Performing Vacuum Table?

Mistakes happen and even small amounts of damage to the table can add up over time robbing you of peak vacuum performance. Trust Armor CNC to undo this damage by refurbishing or completely repairing your vacuum table. 


Contact us for more details on these systems or to discuss how to restore power and function to your vacuum table.

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