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We are working on expanding our products and our website. Stay tuned for more info or reach out to us if you have questions about any of these exciting options right now.

Cut More With ARMOR CNC

Your Techno CNC doesn't have to be stuck in the past. We've been working on ways to help you push the limits of your machine and keep productivity high well into the future. This page is being updated with more info but many of these solutions available now - Contact Us for immediate access.


ARMOR BEAM - Laser Cutter CNC Upgrade
Add the ability to cut and engrave a variety of materials using the power of light. ARMOR BEAM is a simple modular way to add this feature to your current Techno CNC setup. What's best is that you can combine your existing spindle functions with the laser to engrave part numbers or logos before traditional cutting functions. Contact Us for immediate access.

Armor Oscillating Knife
Cutting softer & more delicate materials with precision can be a challenging with a traditional spindle. That all can change with the addition of an oscillating knife that quickly and precisely cuts materials with crisp sharp corners instead of rounded edges. We have the solution just for you. Contact Us for immediate access.

4th Axis Rotary Upgrade
X, Y, Z and now A. Add a whole new dimension to your projects by adding a 4th Axis Rotary Upgrade. You can now cut much more complex and fully three dimensional parts using your existing your Techno CNC with a simple upgrade. Contact Us for immediate access.

Drag Knife Upgrade
Turn your Techno CNC into a large format vinyl cutter quickly and easily using this upgrade. No complicated hardware, no expensive electronics. Just a simple addition that mounts in your spindle. Contact Us for immediate access.

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