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Armor CNC Servo Oscillating Knife

Cut thin, soft and flexible materials with surgical precision. 

Armor CNC's Servo Oscillating Knife system adds surgical precision to your Original Techno CNC machine. Commonly used for flight case foam, cardboard, thin plastics, carbon fiber, fiberglass sheets, leather and anything else that can be cut with a utility blade. 

Armor CNC Proudly offers 2 systems that can be easily added on to your existing machine alongside your existing spindle. Both of our models easily cut 4" thick foam and are constrained only by the size of the knife you use. 


Which Armor CNC Servo Oscillating Knife is right for you?

Pro Model

Comparable to the units commonly found on many other CNC machines.

  • Industry standard 75 watt oscillating motor.

  • Servo rotational motor with 0.09 degree rotational resolution.

  • Industry standard 6mm round shank blade.

  • Optional attachment for X-ACTO #11 blade usage

Pro+ Model

Powerful and nimble for high demand production environments.

  • 1000 watt oscillating motor.

  • Servo rotational motor with resolution down to 0.0009 degrees.

  • Zero maintenance extended reach bearings for unrivaled rigidity, extreme longevity and harsh material cutting.

  • Industry exclusive specially designed oscillating coupler and cross roller bearing ensure unparalleled longevity.

  • 6mm industry standard round shank blade chuck, expandable to 1 inch chuck - able to accept nearly every knife available

Creasing Wheel

Drag Knife

V-cutter for Chamfered Cuts

Optional Attachments

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