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PCI Card Upgrade

Operate your Techno CNC using a modern PC

Update your Techno CNC Router by using nearly any modern PC, while keeping all of your existing equipment and the Techno CNC interface that you’ve come to depend on!

No complicated or expensive retrofits, our upgrade card is plug and play – plug your existing Techno CNC PCI card into the Armor CNC Upgrade card, and you’re set! No drivers to install, no controllers to swap out, no wiring to replace, no new software to train your operators in.


While PCI is not going to disappear any time soon, many modern PC manufacturers are excluding these older slots from their designs in favor of the new faster PCI express slots. Until recently, our advice was to find a PC with a proper PCI slot, or to order a custom-built PC from us.

Why is the Armor CNC Upgrade options so much less expensive than the competition? Simple: Our upgrade utilizes your existing equipment – the components you already own – with a custom adapter board suited to your needs that upgrades your existing controller.

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