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We are working on expanding our products and our website. Stay tuned for more info or reach out to us if you have questions about any of these exciting options right now.

Cut Better With ARMOR CNC

Your Techno CNC doesn't have to be stuck in the past. We've been working on ways to help you push the limits of your machine and keep productivity high well into the future. This page is being updated with more info but many of these solutions available now - Contact Us for immediate access.

Cooling / Lubricating Mister Kit
Cutting metals or hard plastics can be challenging but this gets easier with a Mister Kit that helps cool and lubricate your cutter and material. This kit integrates easily into your Techno CNC and can be coded into G Code to start when you run a file. The mister is fully configureable and only needs simple connections and compressed air. Contact Us for immediate access.

Spindle Upgrades
If your needs have outgrown the ability of your Spindle it might be time to consider an upgrade. Perhaps your Kress or Porter Cable spindle cant keep up. Maybe it's time to move from a Fixed Collet to a Tool Changer. Or maybe you just need more horsepower, literally, more horse power. We can guide your upgrade options and have all the electronics and mounting hardware you'll need to retrofit any upgrade to your Techno CNC. Contact Us for immediate access.

ARMOR Drive: Self Squaring Upgrade
If precision and accuracy is paramount you know how important squareness is to maintaining quality. ARMOR Drive is an advanced automatic self correcting system that ensures your machine is perfectly square. This upgrade is especially useful to cabinet makers and any operation that makes parts that must perfectly match up. Contact Us for immediate access.

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