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Armor CNC Has Any Motor for Your Techno CNC Machine

Armor CNC stocks parts of every type of Techno CNC Machine.

Supported Techno Series: Techno LC, Techno LCX, Techno RG, Techno Patriot, Techno DaVinci, Techno Premium Class, Techno Gantry 3, Isel Gantry, Techno 3024, Techno 4896, Techno 59120 and much much more.

We stock replacements for the following brands of motors that have been used with Techno CNC Machines over the years:

Electrocraft Servo Motors, MCG Servo Motors, Dynetic Servo Motors, Techno Isel Servo

If you don't see your motor listed it doesn't mean we can't replace it. We can replace ALL Techno CNC Motors. Contact us and we'll help.

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