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Whether you need a new machine, you’re in the education market, your old Techno CNC machine is having issues or you’re looking to train your staff, we’re here to help! A few questions below is all it takes to get in touch with us. Also feel free to email or call us directly.

Get in Touch!

We’re here when you need us:
7 Days a Week   7am – 10pm (EST)

Phone: 1-516-415-CNC1
Email: info [at]

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Who We Are

Armor CNC was started in 2013 by some of the engineering staff from Techno CNC.

Armor CNC was started by Mike and Eric to keep existing Techno CNC equipment running. Shortly thereafter, there were enough requests for quality equipment that the decision was clear: Continue to make new equipment with our cornerstone requirement: Durability.

We’ve partnered with some of the most proficient folks in the industry to make anything possible. We’re very cozy with the best machinists, programmers, engineers, sourcing experts, fabrication shops, materials and process experts and other brilliant minds. We’re all waiting to help making your dream a reality.

Our Mission

Armor CNC has one paramount aspect: Longevity. All Armor CNC equipment is covered by the Armor CNC 5 year warranty, and that’s only the beginning. We believe that machines should be rigid, and software should be flexible. While price might currently drive some of the market, Armor CNC recognizes that there remains a great need for quality equipment that lasts, at a reasonable price.

While more and more manufacturers are moving production “overseas” to save every last dollar, we do the opposite. Using only quality components in every single aspect of our equipment is the Armor CNC business plan. We’ve seen the effect of cut-rate circuit board manufacturers. We’ve watched counterfeit bearings crumble off machines in after only days of operation. We’ve heard the nightmare stories of machines going down and no manufacturer response once the bill is paid. Armor CNC is here to provide the exact opposite: Uncompromising Quality.

The Armor CNC Team
Mike Hauser

Michael Hauser holds a masters degree from Suny Binghamton in Electrical engineering. He has been in the CNC industry for 33 years, and is responsible for the design of the original Techno CNC circuitry that represented an incredible leap forward in CNC equipment.

Eric Feldman

Eric Feldman holds a masters degree from The Cooper Union in structural engineering. He has been in the CNC industry for 19 years, and is responsible for the Techno CNC mechanics from 2003 thru 2013 and software from 2006 thru 2013 and all of Armor CNC.

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