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Laser Precision on your Techno

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BEAM from Armor CNC is new way to add Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving capabilities to ANY USA-Made Techno CNC without sacrificing traditional milling functions. It consists of a Laser Control Module that plugs into your computer and a Laser Module that easily mounts next to your spindle. It's made exclusively by the Armor CNC engineers who support your Techno


1. Affordable

Because you already have a CNC Machine you don't need all the mechanical components to make a Laser Cutter. By building on top of your existing machine, you get a laser cutter the size of your machine that can work in tandem with your spindle to cut and engrave.

2. Easy Installation & Integration

The Engineers at Armor know your Techno CNC better than anyone else and they made the Beam work seamlessly with your machine. 

3. It's Scalable / Flexible

Armor BEAM is a many sizes fits all solution. The Laser Control Module can be paired with one of 3 stock Laser Modules or you can supply your own Laser Module if you need even more cutting power.


The Armor BEAM Laser Control Module

We built the brain that controls your Laser Module with two ideas in mind: safety and simplicity. In depth settings can be accessed from your computer but you can also make on the fly adjustments right from the Laser Control Module display. Because safety is paramount, we added layers of safety including a physical override switch to prevent accidental laser operation.


Built into the Laser Control Module is a bright full-color touch-screen for easy access to cut settings and current status.

What Can It Cut?

Chose from one of our 3 standard Laser Modules based on the power you will need or supply your own module for even more power and versatility. We will work with you to select the option that fits just right and we'll pair it with the safety and protective gear you will need.


Engrave a variety of materials and cut very thin materials in several passes. A great way to start with lasers.

Cut: Thin soft materials like paper, cardstock and thin plastic (1/16"). 

Engrave: Various materials such as paper, cardboard, some plastics and soft wood. A good choice for part marking such as putting bar codes, designs or names on parts.


Engraving & Light Cutting
This option opens up more material possibilities and the ability to cut in less passes.

Cut: All the capabilities of the low power module plus cutting through thin wood and some types of plastic sheets (1/8" thick)

Engrave: Some metals such as dark anodized aluminum.


Engraving & Medium Cutting
The power to quickly cut a variety of materials and engrave with ease.

Cut: All the capabilities of Medium plus the ability to cut thicker wood and many types of plastic. (1/4"-3/8" thick materials)

Engrave: Metals such as stainless and copper with optional surface preparation. Performs well when multiple passes are necessary.


If you are a laser expert and have the ability to safely add your own system, we can provide only the controller. Use our bare controller to run your own fiber or CO2 laser using a PWM signal and safety IO controls. 


CNC + Laser = Amazing Productivity

Because you keep all your CNC capabilities when you add a Laser Module using Armor BEAM you can combine the two for new kinds of workflows and increased productivity. Add part numbers, label tabs or even your logo to your finished milled products. We can help guide you to create ways to maximize the pairing of traditional CNC milling and laser cutting & engraving.


The Armor CNC Beam can easily etch metals like stainless steel, aluminum and copper, cut or engrave plastic, wood, paper, and many other materials


Place your pre-order now to reserve your place in line and receive pre-order pricing. We will contact you when your unit is ready to ship. Pre-order pricing window closes on Jan 31 2022.

Please note: at this time, shipping cost is only an estimate. 

Not sure what to order? The Works kit includes everything you need to get started. If you prefer to choose the exact components you need, pair a laser unit with safety glasses and accessories below. 



Every Armor BEAM order must include a pair of Laser Safety Glasses or we must receive proof that you own a set that meets tight regulations for your own safety. Contact us for more details.

A Laser Module adds new functionality to your table but also creates opportunity for new hazards like fire, toxic fumes and laser exposure. Safety gear like goggles, barriers and fume extraction are critical and must be used at all times. Appropriate fire protection is also crucial. Armor CNC will help you select the appropriate safety gear but you must always be careful.

Cutting certain materials can produce toxic / noxious gasses and create a dangerous fire hazard. Always consult local regulations and requirements in addition to the Armor Beam documentation and the safety information provided with your Laser Module .

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