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The Low Power Module and Controller allows you to cut thin soft materials like paper and cardboard. Engraves many materials such as paper, cardboard, some plastics and soft wood. A good choice for part marking such as putting bar codes or names on parts



You must select at least one pair of glasses from the models we offer. It is important to select glasses that are comfortable to ensure they will be worn by the operator(s). It is critical that the glasses do not allow light in from the sides, so choose ones that fit well with no gaps. Poorly fitting glasses may be exchanged for another model within 1 week of receipt. If you already have certified laser safety glasses that meet our specifications (Certified: 180 to 532 nm, OD = 7+,>315 to 532 nm DIRM LB6), let us know and we will remove the requirement for purchase of them from your order.

Armor Beam (Low Power)

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