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We are working on expanding our products and our website. Stay tuned for more info or reach out to us if you have questions about any of these exciting options right now.

Cut Faster With ARMOR CNC

Your Techno CNC doesn't have to be stuck in the past. We've been working on ways to help you push the limits of your machine and keep productivity high well into the future. This page is being updated with more info but many of these solutions available now - Contact Us for immediate access.

Purpose-Built Armor CNC PC
Chances are your smart phone is now faster and more powerful than the computer your Techno CNC might have come with might. From boot times to how quickly files are pre-processed, each second is valuable. Armor builds purpose-built modern PCs that are designed to work best with your Techno CNC. We strip away what is not needed and optimize each of our PCs for productivity. Pair your Techno CNC with a modern PC with a modern operating system. Contact Us for immediate access.

Speed Upgrade
If you have a lower speed LC Techno CNC you could kick it into higher gear with a Speed Upgrade Kit with much stronger and faster motors driven by powerful electronics to allow you to to cut faster with fewer passes. Contact Us for immediate access.

Z Axis Counterbalance Upgrade
Z Axis speeds can be a little limiting especially when your operation involves many Z Axis movements. That can improve dramatically using our Z Axis Counterbalance Upgrade that takes much of the load off the Z Axis Motor so it can move much faster and freely. Contact Us for immediate access.

Multiple Spindle Upgrade
If you're looking to increase your yield in producing lots of identical parts a multiple spindle setup might be just the thing to double or triple your productivity. A multiple spindle setup can be adjusted to your daily needs to go from multiple to single spindle setups to keep you nimble and your machine versatile. Contact Us for immediate access.

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