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Take control of your Techno CNC machine with Armor CNC’s newest offering, The Revolver!


USB handheld controller with full color touchscreen

Our exclusive handheld jog pendant works directly with your original Techno CNC machine to control setup and day to day functionality, improving your workflow, helping you get the most out of your machine.

With the ergonomically designed Armor CNC Revolver at your side, you can control the following functions:

  • Axis movement: Use the industry-standard handwheel to precisely jog the machine, both continuously and in step mode.

  • Increase and decrease Jog speed and Jog Step size with the smart-dial

  • Illuminated dust-proof Start and Pause buttons show machine state and provide responsive movement

  • Use the Full-Color Touch Screen to control:

    • Constant Jog

    • Z axis touch-off

    • Spindle On/Off/Auto

    • Machine home

    • Zero any or all axes

Use the Armor CNC Revolver for almost everything you need to do on your Techno CNC machine.

From setting up materials to locating tool stands, the freedom to work at any position on the machine speeds up workflow, increases accuracy and eliminates the need to drag a keyboard and mouse around the table.

Works with Any Original Techno CNC machine running Windows and Techno CNC version 1.423 – no changes to the software that runs your business!

Ergonomically designed for constant use.

Non-contact user detection switch improves safety by discarding erroneous movements while maintaining user comfort*

Designed, programmed and built specially for Original Techno CNC equipment by Mike H and Eric F, the engineers you trust to keep your Techno CNC equipment going.

Free software updates for the life of the unit – receive any new features we may add in the future

Two Convenient Options

Strong and durable magnet and  hook for storage.

Extra-long coiled cord for use in the larger machines.


System Requirements:

Multi-core computer running: Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, 10 – 32 or 64 bit
Techno CNC interface 1.423 – any version
1 free USB port

*Consult the safety guidelines prior to use.

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